Music is literally magic: the vibe of any event is really the song selection and the flow. And when masterfully crafted to taste by an experienced DJ, the whole event becomes muse-ic, and the space is transformed as if by the wave of a wand.

music is my life

I started collecting records and DJing in 1993, when I first made house and hip-hop cassette mixes to sell at Chicago flea markets. Since then I have played at numerous parties, concerts, live music shows, night clubs and for all kinds of celebrations. My taste in music is wide and pretty involving, and I am constantly listening to new music, older music and everything in between. R&B, rock, pop, hiphop, funk, disco, electro, indie, jazz, Latin, blues rarities, soul, beats and samba are just some genres I am comfortable creating within. I have found a lot to love in virtually every genre and time period, from across the entire world of music and culture.

the 78 rpm era

Besides my extensive vinyl record collection of 33s and 45s, and digital playlists, I also have one of the best collections of rare 78 rpm records anywhere: jazz, blues, doo-wop, soul, R&B, Latin, rock, and country, as well as folk music and field recordings from all around the world. 78s are the first records ever, 1899-1962 or so, they are the fragile, one-song-per-side precursors to the modern 7″ 45rpm single. These records are special because they are the Original recordings of so many legendary and iconic musicians: Billie Holiday, Howlin Wolf, Etta James, Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughn, Muddy Waters, Les Paul and on and on with the Golden Age of Recording. And in fact, I have a blog where I post favorite sides! – Time Travel At 78rpms. I am one of the very few DJs of this format because the records are quite delicate, the great ones are difficult to find in any condition, you need specific equipment to reproduce them properly, and transporting them must be done with careful consideration. But when done right, a 78s set of classics and rarities can be Magical and a very, very special night for music lovers.

the setup

When I perform I have a basic kit: two turntables, a mixer and headphones, a portable PA speaker system, a microphone and a couple crates of records. I also have a MacBook Pro setup when I need to stream a tune from my digital library or find a song online. I do not typically play from playlists. Instead, I bring plenty of music and I vibe with the audience; this always makes for a better, more organic event. Guests can really feel when the DJ is listening and the music is continuously on the mark.

some previous and current clients

The Peninsula Hotel

Museum of Science and Industry

The Chicago Cubs

DrumBar at the Hotel Rafaello

Dark Matter Coffee

The Dawson

Lucky Dorr/Folk Art

California Clipper

booking and inquiries

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my band, MORITAT

78 rpm record blog: Time Travel At 78rpms

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